Make History at the Inaugural

IDA Easter Cup 2025

Introducing the IDA Easter Cup 2025! In its inaugural year this, soon to be, world-class event promises to host some of the best youth academies from over 15 countries. As we kick off this exciting tournament, Surf Cup International and GSE have teamed up to bring the finest soccer academies around the World to the coastal town of Valencia, Spain. Here, teams will compete for the rights to one of the most exciting youth trophies in the world.

Join us for the very first IDA Easter Cup, taking place from April 17th to 20th, 2025.



  • Age Groups

    Boys & Girls: U9-U12

  • Location

    Valencia, Spain

  • Number of Games

    3 Group games + 1 knock-out stage (25 minute halves)

  • Dates

    April 17th-20th, 2025

    Experience Arrival: April 15th

    Experience Departure: April 21st




  • Thursday – Opening Ceremony

  • Friday – Group games

  • Saturday – Group games

  • Sunday – Finals

  • Monday – Return Home



  • Enhanced Exposure

    You'll be competing against top academies in the Valencia/Castellon area such as UD Vall de Uxó, CD Castellón, UE Quart, and more.

  • Something for Everyone

    Valencia has plenty to offer and is known for it's Gothic cathedrals, cobblestone squares, and futuristic complexes. By partnering with GSE, you'll make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Valencia in their own way, both on and off the field.

  • Quality Facilities, Officials and Organizers

    By attending the Valencia Cup you'll know exactly what you're getting in advance: a well run tournament with the players, coaches and parents in mind. Organizers understand it's a long trip to make, which is why they partner with us at GSE to ensure everyone feels their time was well spent.



GSE has an excellent relationship with the hosts of the Valencia Cup. We will work closely with the tournament staff to ensure your travel, accommodations, and event logistics are squared away and to your liking before you arrive. 

While the event hosts many top Youth Academies from all around the world, here are just a few to name:

  • Vall de Uxó.
  • Castellón.
  • Burjassot.
  • UD Quart de Poblet.
  • Albatera CF.

Players and their supporters will stay in top rated city (4*) center hotels. 

The GSE events have become extremely popular and gained credibility in a short period of time around the World, causing there to be a wait list for teams to enter. Due to the relationship that GSE has with the event officials and tournament organizers, we are able to work directly with the staff to ensure your team receives entry to the event and that it is worth your time.

Great organization, attention to details, easy to work with, great food, amazing atmosphere, history, and the experience of a lifetime.

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