FC America

Elevating Excellence On and Off the Field


What is FC America?

Global Sports Experiences presents FC America, an All-Star Program meticulously crafted to bring together individual players from across North America. This unique initiative provides participants with the exciting opportunity to showcase their skills in prestigious international tournaments.

Beyond the competitive arena, FC America, guided by our expertise, is dedicated to delivering a distinctive experience for both players and parents. We strive to create memorable moments that extend far beyond the boundaries of the game, offering a pathway to future soccer endeavors and personal growth on a global scale.

Our program is tailored for elite players aiming to compete internationally, offering them a chance to join all-star teams and participate in prestigious global events. Addressing a market need, we provide these talented individuals an exclusive platform for global soccer exposure, far beyond domestic play or teams with limited international reach.

We provide a full developmental pathway to support your individual goals.   Your journey does not end on the last day of the tournament but is rather the starting point on your journey, whether that is to play on the international stage at a top professional club or compete at college our staff are there to assist.

We work with the best people to ensure the best preparation that delivers the best performances both on and off the field of play.



  • Best Coaching & Support Staff

    We prioritize player development both on and off the field by providing best in class experiences.

  • High-Level Atmosphere

    Gain the experience to play with like-minded high-level players from all over the country.

  • Top International Events

    Our FC America teams compete in the best tournaments in the world against academies from the top professional clubs.

  • The Full Experience

    Our teams not only get to participate on the field but also immerse themselves in the culture of the country with sightseeing events and soccer related activities.

  • Opportunities to Give Back

    Participate in community events and interact with other players and teams from all over the world.

  • Growth and Development

    Meet, play, and interact with elite teammates from all over the USA.

Our schedule

Look For Your Age Group and Apply For Your Next Best Soccer Experience

  • Arrive July 19, 2024 - Return July 27, 2024

  • Northern Ireland

  • Boys & Girls 2010

  • Arrive July 29, 2024 - Return August 5, 2024

  • Tangier, Morocco

  • Boys & Girls 2008/2009

  • Arrive August 2, 2024 - Return August 11, 2024

  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • Boys 2008/2009

  • Arrive August 13, 2024 - Return August 19, 2024

  • London, England

  • Boys & Girls 2011/2012, 2009/2010

  • Arrive November 25, 2024 - Return December 2, 2024

  • Salou, Spain

  • Boys & Girls 2013/2012

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A Typical event

  • Managed registration program by expert GSE Staff including all operations and logistics.
  • GSE managed flight program, fundraising opportunities, insurance, accomodations, transportations, dietary and medical needs.
  • Options to add parents and supports to join the event with discounts for family members.
  • Communications with your FC America Team and Coach before departure to prepare for the event.
  • Preparation matches and training before the start of the tournament with your team and FC America Coach.
  • Participation in Elite International Tournament.
  • Full time FC America coaching staff.
  • GSE Expert support after the event to manage further player pathways and development.
  • Supervision by local bilingual expert staff on the ground 24/7.



  • 1

    Pick Your Event

    Decide which event would be the best fit for your FC America experience. 

  • 2

    Apply for FC America

    Fill out the FC America Application by clicking HERE.

  • 3

    Set Up Call with GSE Representative

    Once you have completed the form an FC America staff coach will reach out to you to discuss the program in more detail.

  • 4

    Receive Offer Within 10 Days

    We select players based on their on-field and off-field abilities to ensure they can be an effective FC America team member.