What Are The Most Common Mistakes We Should Avoid When Renewing A Passport?

December 12, 2023

Learn more about what are the mistakes that we often make when renewing our passports that can lead to delay the renewal process by three to four additional weeks.

People make errors on their applications for a multitude of reasons, this type of errors can go from typo mistake to a low quality photo. Some errors are caused because the applicants are confused about the specific process they are supposed to follow, or the supporting documents they provide unknowingly don’t meet government specifications. Besides the photo, here you can find seven other common mistakes that we made when renewing our passports:

Information on the application is different from the previous passport. Full name or date of birth is different, or applicant leaves out a middle name or changes the middle name to an initial.
Problems with the check. The applicant’s check is an incorrect amount. The check must be clean without any crossing out and must say, “Payable to: the US Department of State.”
Missing passport book and/or card. If someone has been issued a passport book and/or passport card and is requesting renewed versions of them, they each must be submitted with the application.
Missing Social Security number or other information. Many applicants don’t enter an accurate or complete Social Security number. Others fail to sign or date their applications.
Inconsistent signature. The State Department checks whether someone’s signature is consistent with the signature on a previous passport.
E-signed documents are not acceptable. For all passport-related forms, only a live ink signature will be accepted.
Handwritten application forms. Handwritten forms can generate numerous typos or mistakes, delaying an application. The government passport agents must retype a handwritten application.

In conclusion, renewing a passport may seem like a straightforward process, but it’s riddled with common pitfalls that can significantly delay the renewal timeline. So, whether it’s double-checking your personal details or ensuring a pristine check, taking the time to avoid these common mistakes will undoubtedly expedite your passport renewal and spare you unnecessary delay – Safe travels begin with meticulous passport renewal, and attention to detail is the key to a seamless journey.

For more information on how to renew your passport please visit the official government site HERE and get started with your next journey abroad with GSE NOW!