Building Tomorrow's Stars in the

Center of Futbol

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Valencia, our Spain soccer tours offer:

  • Full immersion into Spanish culture, including language classes, in and out of football.
  • Training & competition against local semi-professional and professional clubs
  • Access to La Liga clubs and stadiums (Levante, Valencia, Villarreal)






  • Atmosphere

    The experience's goal is to provide a professional soccer environment where you can keep growing as a player and as an individual. 

  • Coaching

    Receive 1-on-1 instruction, insight, and technical analysis from UEFA-licensed coaches.

  • Competition

    Appropriate competition against local teams of any level.

  • Facilities

    Access to professional-level facilities, equipment, instruction, and more




  • Immerse Yourself

    Stay in the peaceful town of Torre en Conill Norte at the Mas Camarena Resort & Boarding School, less than 15 minutes from downtown Valencia.

    GSE offer appropriate hotels options for families too.

  • Five-Star Facilities

    State-of-the-art amenities, training facilities, and dorms.



  • Enhanced Exposure

    Get noticed, scouted, and tryout to join local professional clubs

  • Appropriate Competition

    Face off against some of the best young soccer players, both locally and from around the world

  • Big-Time Events

    Option to compete in international tournament in Spain, such as Surf Cup International, MIC Cup, and others.



GSE have a deep connectivity, on and off the field. One of our key partners, IDA Valencia, host a full-time residential academy with student-athletes from all around the world, making our knowledge and connection with the cities with travel too more enjoyable and unique.

Thanks to the connectivity that our partners have in each of the cities that we are traveling too, GSE is able to find the most appropriate competition at any level. Please submit your team’s footage at the time of the application so we can assure you an appropriate level of training and competition.

The buzzing old-town district of El Carme is the site of medieval gates Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart, once part of the old city walls. Its narrow streets are home to cafes, tapas bars, fashion boutiques and souvenir shops, and revellers crowd the terraces and dance floors of its many late-night bars. 

GSE offer different types of accommodation in downtown Valencia and beyond.

Great organization, attention to details, easy to work with, great food, amazing atmosphere, history, and the experience of a lifetime.

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