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Surrounded by some of the nation's top schools and colleges, Boston offers:

  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities, academics, and training
    Professional development in and out of sports.
  • Participation in local leagues, tournaments & more.
  • Access to NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS games.
  • Best Education Offer in the United States






  • Atmosphere

    Train with New England Surf, one of the region's elite clubs

  • Coaching

    1-on-1 coaching sessions, video analysis, highlight-reel development

  • Personalized

    Tailored itinerary with visit to high school and colleges.

Union Point Boston MA USA



  • World-Class Facilities

    Train in state-of-the-art facilities across New England, including the Union Point Sports Complex. Access to 25-acre indoor/outdoor sports complex. Professional-quality and size fields and equipment



  • Enhanced Exposure

    Get noticed by local high school and college coaches.

  • Elite Competition

    Face off against some of the local best young soccer players and teams.

  • Big-Time Events

    Compete in local, regional, and national tournaments in stadiums throughout Massachusetts. 



GSE have deep connectivity with the city of Boston, on and off the field. One of our key partners, New England Surf, host a 1000+ players soccer club in the area.

Thanks to the connectivity that our partners have in each of the cities that we are traveling too, GSE is able to find the most appropriate competition at any level. Please submit your team’s footage at the time of the application so we can assure you an appropriate level of training and competition.

Harvard Campus. Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

GSE offer different types of accommodation in downtown Boston.

Great organization, attention to details, easy to work with, great food, amazing atmosphere, history, and the experience of a lifetime.

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